Why SIM?

23 January 2017
Why SIM?

9 + 1 reasons to take part in SIM


1. Summer or winter


If you choose our summer event you’ll see unique time for Siberia. Short, but extraordinarily bright and rich, it is breaking all stereotypes about everlasting Siberian frost and cold Siberians.
If you like an extreme and prefer our winter event, be ready to discover what is real Siberian frost!


2. Easy Access


In spite of 5000 km distance between London and Omsk to get Omsk for Englishman as easy  as to get, say, Milan or Munich.
Wide range of Russian airlines, suggesting direct and transitional flights from Europe, are corresponding all international air-service standards.


3. Different Options for Accommodation


Many alternatives of accommodation are available in Omsk. Hotels are certificated in accordance with international requirements. Some of them are in well-known international hotels like “Ibis” is one of them.

Others got more than 15 years history like hotel “Mayak” and “Tourist” and located near the square where the city was founded back in 1716.

And new hostel like “Brick walls” in the very center of historical part of the city.
From budget to luxury, many alternatives are available, very near from the Cathedral Square (SIM start/finish area).

Out of the way option for accommodation and possibility to get new experience is home stay. Spent some days in Russian family and you’ll have a better idea what is Russian soul and Siberian character.


4. Fine Dining


The dining experience in Russia is an attraction in itself.
The city’s restaurants serve over 20 different types of cuisine, from fast food (“McDonald’s”, “KFC”, “Sbarro”) to haute cuisine.
In spite of your gastronomic taste eat up a bucket of hand made pelmeni in local restaurant because you are in its native land.  Surely you’ll be surprised to the prices and probably even eat your tongue, because it’s so delicious!


5. SIM all the Best


Our highlights:
  - reputation of the oldest and best organized marathon in Russia;
  - more than 25 years’ experience;
  - professional team open for changes and innovations;
  - city where Marathon is our “thing”.

Our standards:
  - AIMS certificated race course;
  - MyLaps time point system.


6. Friendly and Hospitable


    Siberians are very friendly and hospitable.
    “When the guest contented the host is glad”, “The main place and the red spoon are for the guest” – saying Siberian folklore.
    “Every year we are coming to the race to support the runners from afar. They are our guests and we are happy to help them.” – saying permanent SIM spectators.


7. Original Shopping


    What to take back from Omsk?
Take a walk on souvenir shops and traditional Siberian fair. Buy original Russian valenki boots. You may put them on the shelf and keep nails and onions in them or wear them in your off. Hand-made cups, caskets and baskets of birch bark are also popular Siberian souvenirs. Classical country lapti (bast shoes) are also made from birch bark. Bark utensils never get broken, bast shoes endure.
    Vodka – is a part of Russian national tradition. And without doubt the best one is made in Omsk.
Take back as a souvenir – sweet condensed milk (also known as sguschonka) of Lyubinskiy factory; sweets that are so delicious; if you eat meat we advise you to try sausages of “Sibirksiy delikates” ( Siberian delicacy); most famous Omsk’ alcohol drinks - a bottle of “5 Ozer” (5 lakes)– traditional vodka made in Omsk alcohol factory, or “Monarkhiya” (Monarchy), - on pine nuts or snowball berry.


8. Outstanding Cultural and Leisure Options


    Omsk is home to 14 cinemas, 17 theatres, 29 cultural centers, 170 restaurants and night clubs, 18 museums, 2 show houses, 9 sports stadiums and sport arena of our local ice hockey team “Avangard”.


9. Original Culture of Siberia


    Modern mega polis with 300 years history and more than 1 million citizens.  
    Modern buildings made with glass and cement and Orthodox churches cupolas are dominating over them. Turn from the main street and you’ll see wooden houses, they are of the same age as the city.
    Street publicity and shop-signs are dappling and old Slavonic letters are riding up of the common range.
    Bell is swimming over the city, and clouds are swimming, and unclearly what is the century now 17th or 21st?...


+1.  Holidays


Date:  August, (the 1st weekend) – City Day

          January, 7th – Russian Orthodox Christmas
Location: city squares, show halls.
Holiday entertainment program, carnival and fireworks will be there!!!

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23 January 2017 Why SIM?

9 + 1 reasons to take part in SIM