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Omsk, one of the oldest Siberian cities

Omsk was founded in 1716 as a fortress at the junction point of channels of the Irtysh and the Om Rivers by Colonel Ivan Bookhgoltz, this historic fact initiated developing of Omsk - one of the oldest cities in Siberia.
At the second part of the 18th century the fortress became the largest fortification at the East of the country. Construction of Trans - Siberian railway boosted the development of the city. Railway connected Omsk with European part of Russia and its East regions. Omsk turned out to be in a very favorable position being at the crossing of trade ways.
Metal work and food processing industry began to develop in the city. Foreign companies opened their representative offices. Branch banks were opened as swell. In 20s and 30s of the 20th century Omsk was agricultural center of Siberia. Higher Institutes of Education were established and leaped forward.
In 1941-1945 over 100 enterprises of different brunches were evacuated from zone of action of the front into Omsk itself and Omsk region. Since the middle of 50s Omsk became the center of large petroleum refining and petrochemical complex. In 70s and 80s house building and industrial engineering boom stimulated manufacturing of construction materials.
At the beginning of 90s private sector appeared in the economy of the city. In 90s market infrastructure was shaped and private enterprises, banks, financial-investment companies, funds appeared. Production of Omsk enterprises entered national and world market and is in great demand now.

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